Welcome to Brno Wintercamp 2017!

Thursday 28th of December 2017 till Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

Brno (German: Brünn) is the second largest city in Czechia and the former capital of the historical Margraviate of Moravia. With a population around 380,000 (+ at least 60.000 students), Brno is located in a beautiful natural environment between South Moravian vineyards and the Moravian Karst, close to the prior imperial capital of this part of the world - Vienna.

Brno was founded about a thousand years ago, receiving city status in 1243. It survived sieges from the Hussites in 1428 and 1430 and defended itself from Swedish armies during the Thirty Years' War. Now it will have to withstand another major invasion - Wintercamp!

Wintercamp is a 5 day long new years eve party centered around hospitality exchange (think Couchsurfing). We are a group of travelers who travel to different cities around Europe every new year's eve and have a party. During the day will be different trips, workshops, sightseeing and cultural events and during the evenings will be parties centered around different themes.

Brno is not filled with tourists compared to Prague, but has its own wealth of interesting sights, landmarks, bars, etc. that we can enjoy together. Brno is in the very heart of Europe and accessible from every direction. With 5 nearby airports as well as a wealth of bus and train connections, you should have no trouble getting here. Hope to see you in Brno! :-)

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